Valentina Heart

Valentina Heart lives in different locations in Split, at the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Like the directions of her stories, her life takes a new twist with every passing year, and she welcomes every single one.

As an avid reader for many years, she had a habit of mixing fiction with reality, until she realised she could simply breathe life to her characters and make them as real as they could get. From forever romantic to deeply troubled, they bring joy to their creator, just as they sometimes bring frustration with their naughty behaviour.

Kinky imagination aside, she enjoys music and movies just as much as reading, but give her summer all year round and she'll be ready to free-climb, swim, or stretch in all those mind-stirring yoga positions.

You can find Valentina on Goodreads and follow her on Twitter.


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Valentina Heart - BTSe Mag feature

One of the questions I get asked most often in interviews is where I get my inspiration. Maybe it’s strange to be so boggled by the same question each time but for me it’s hard to imagine functioning any other way. I can’t envision not seeing stories in everything when it’s rather my norm to come up with at least a couple of plots each day. Be it movies, songs, stories, or everyday events, I get caught up in an expression, a phrase or just the complicated feelings a certain medium pulled out in me and every bit of it that causes a reaction is a potential story.

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Valentina Heart - ARe Cafe Feature

Finding Romance in an Arranged Marriage

Growing up some of my favorite romance books were focused on women trapped by marriage contracts. The women go into them expecting the worst, and a tough brute of a husband, only to fall in love and not even wish for someone else. Those were some of the many romanticized versions of real life that pushed me to read more. To fantasize about a knight of my own and eventually write about the same tough men, only this time for just as manly brides.

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It was tough.2 of our houses smack in the middle, one tucked in nicely by fire on all sides. Thank you firefighters #Dalmatia #Split #fire
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