The Naughty Secretary

By Ashley Ladd

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Gianna Bradford, executive secretary to the big boss and CEO, Derek Grantz, has larger dreams than merely being his assistant. Much larger dreams.

By day, Gianna is Derek's efficient, mild-mannered assistant, but by night, she's erotic romance writer, Gardenia Bolyn. Soon, she hopes her books will crack the New York Times bestseller list and she can tell Derek where to stick his J.O.B. But the sexy boss is the template for all her romance heroes and when he finally turns up the steam, all she really wants is to stay in Derek's arms.

General Release Date: 1st January 1970

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: fb_323
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT STORY

About the author
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Ashley Ladd

Ashley Ladd lives in South Florida with her husband, five children, and beloved pets. She loves the water, animals (especially cats), and playing on the computer.

She's been told she has a wicked sense of humour and often incorporates humour and adventure into her books. She also adores very spicy romance, which she weaves into her stories.

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  Reviewed by Mahaira Fatima

I loved it! I wish my boss were that sexy.

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