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By Jess Wright

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Chasing dreams is all well and good, but when dreams become reality, will the bubble burst?

Megan has it all, a great career in LA, beautiful friends and a man who loves her as much as she loves him. She’s living the high life on fancy yachts, jet-setting and hanging out with the rich and famous. She’s even making a name for herself on TV and drawing the nation into her passion for beautiful shoes that are good for the soul.

But there’s trouble in paradise. As much as she wants to keep everything and everyone safe and close, some people have free spirits that can’t be harnessed. The calling to do the right thing is just too strong even if it puts them in the line of fire.

With fear a constant companion, she puts on a brave face and soldiers on. Until, that is, a new development changes everything.

How will she tell James? What will the future hold? And is she ready to put someone else first for all time?

General Release Date: 12th December 2017

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ISBN: 978-1-78686-192-4
Word Count: 59,419
Language: English
Book Length: NOVEL
Pages: 220

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Jess Wright

Jessica Wright shot to fame in 2010 when she first appeared in the flagship ITV2 show The Only Way Is Essex. Jessica is one of the most loved and talked about stars in the UK. Jessica has proven her popularity with the nation by carving out a fashion career with her own e-commerce site and highly successful range at Lipstick Boutique. 2015 saw Jessica launching a career as a fiction author and releasing her first novel.

Jessica has 1.5 million followers on Twitter and 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

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