Arcanium: Part Two: A Box Set

By Aurelia T. Evans

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He’s the master of the ring, but he cannot master her.

Kitty has been part of Arcanium as Pretty Kitty the Bearded Lady for over fifteen years, taking care of the circus’ inhabitants—both human and demon—when the curtains close.

But she’s kept a dark secret from the rest, one that she shares with the sadistic demon known only as the Ringmaster. Though it would be a stretch to call the arrangement he and Kitty share tender, the Ringmaster finds himself curiously drawn to the kind but dark heart of Arcanium.

When Kitty convinces a long-time lover of hers from outside Arcanium to join the circus—Victor, a sweet, handsome, charming man in love with every square inch of hair on Kitty’s body—the secret between Kitty and the Ringmaster not only risks coming to light, but the strange relationship itself threatens to crumble and throw Arcanium into chaos.



Arcanium’s getting a little more twisted…

After one too many demons leave her for other women, Valorie, the circus contortionist, is thinking about quitting Arcanium. It’s not that she hates performing, but she’s been in Arcanium for almost twenty years. She’s bored, feeling neglected and rejected, and there’s nothing keeping her there anymore.

Until ex-lover Bell, the fortune teller and owner of Arcanium, gives her the fire-eater—bound and gagged—as a present and a bribe to convince her to stay.

John—cursed into Arcanium and heavily scarred from fires gone out of control—turns out to be an adequate distraction. He’s almost sweet, in spite of the bad person he used to be—a decent enough pet willing to work his way to redemption in Valorie’s collar and under her command. Valorie’s just not sure whether he’s enough.

Especially when her former fiancé from twenty years ago stumbles upon the circus and discovers where his would-be wife disappeared to.



Oh, what a tangled web she weaves…

One moment, Elizabeth is the modest, religiously devout nanny who accidentally brings her four charges to a slightly inappropriate circus filled with all the things a phobic like her could ever fear. The next, she's sucked into the demonic world of Arcanium and transformed into Arcanium's newest oddity, the Spider.

Her anxieties and phobias quickly attract the attention of the Creature, the gargoyle-like guardian of the haunted funhouse, who feeds on fear—and she offers a veritable feast from which he can relieve her, especially after she's been locked in a glass box with giant spiders crawling over her eight-limbed body all day.

However, she also catches the eye of her jealous ex-lover, who helped make her into the scared, secretive woman she's become, a woman who wrapped herself in the piety of her childhood cult just to escape him.

Between Arcanium and her own personal demons, Elizabeth has all four of her hands full.


Reader Advisory: These books contain plot-driven dubcon, monster sex, arachnophobia, public sex, extreme violence and horror-related gore, accounts of noncon and sex trafficking, double penetration, sex addiction, alcoholism and religious guilt. There are scenes of femdom, flexible autoerotica, collaring, bondage, spanking, orgasm denial, adultery, voyeurism, a scene of non-human sex, and a scene of demon/human FMF ménage. There is assault and threats of sexual violence, a rough D/s relationship, multiple partners, sadomasochism (including an intense biting moment), fisting, mild breathplay, and both BDSM and non-BDSM whipping.

General Release Date: 7th April 2020

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-83943-389-4
Word Count: 279,218
Language: English
Pages: 989

About the author
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Aurelia T. Evans

Aurelia T. Evans is an up-and-coming erotica author with a penchant for horror and the supernatural.

She’s the twisted mind behind the werewolf/shifter Sanctuary trilogy, demonic circus series Arcanium, and vampire serial Bloodbound. She’s also had short stories featured in various erotic anthologies.

Aurelia presently lives in Dallas, Texas (although she doesn’t ride horses or wear hats). She loves cats and enjoys baking as much as she dislikes cooking. She’s a walker, not a runner, and she writes outside as often as possible.


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