The Crazy Path of Love and Writing: Guest Post by January Bain

Posted by Heidi Blakey on 15th August 2017

Hello fellow book lovers! I’m January Bain stopping in to visit from the wilds of central Canada. Today I’m here at one of my favourite places in cyber space, Totally Bound’s Author Blog, and very pleased about the opportunity to be speak with you all again. I am humbled and honoured to be getting to follow along in the path of such great writers that exist in the hallowed halls of Totally Bound Publishing. I have read their awesome stories for years, and now, wow, I get to share mine. Thanks so much!

I’m going to share a bit about myself up front. Storytelling is what I do with my life, a living, breathing creative process that defies all reason and has been my main occupation since 2008. Though I’ve been hooked on reading and sharing stories since I was a child, it was only then that I could manage it full time. I’ve written in excess of thirty books learning my craft, and I’m still learning. And I hope to always be learning. The techniques and art of storytelling are as vast and varied as one could imagine. Keeps me on my toes!

And that’s why I was drawn to telling Truman and Casey’s story in Winning Casey, first in the Brass Ringers Sorority series. Because their story just had to be told. They pressed me day and night, urging me to get the word out. To tell of their personal over-the-top romance. I pray I was up to the task as I give them over to the world and let others in to live, and hopefully enjoy, their journey. And it’s an exceptional one. From a sweet, funny beginning that involves Truman falling at Casey’s feet - literally - to their working to save their fragile romance from the forces at work against them. All while the clock is tick-tick-ticking.

The pair are desperate to reveal Oak Island’s Money Pit mystery, a fabled vault speculated to hold priceless treasure hidden deep inside a tiny island off Nova Scotia’s coastline. The treasure is nearly two hundred feet down into bedrock with the Atlantic Ocean rushing in bobby-trapped tunnels soon as one digs too deep! A dangerous place that has claimed lives and vast fortunes. What will be revealed? The Lost Arc, The Holy Grail? Only time will tell and danger lurks in every corner.

And when Truman’s ex shows up planning trouble, well, suffice to say that a modern woman is not putting up with that s**t. Casey is more than a match for Truman and the university old boys network as she pushes her way into their world, guns blazing, trying to give her students a thorough education. And does it in normal Casey style. Once you know her, I swear, you won’t forget her!

And what they do find on the island? It will tug at your heartstrings…

A sizzling romance, set around a confounding Canadian mystery, with a hero and a heroine looking to find their way, Winning Casey may just find a place in your heart. Come with me and share in their joys and failures, their search for truth among the rocky shores and awesome vistas of Canada’s vast wilderness, and perhaps come away with a better understanding of their search for love in the ruins. For who doesn’t love a timeless love story? Especially one as hot and crazy and wild as Truman and Casey’s proves to be. And it is only the beginning, with seven more books planned in the Brass Ringer Sorority series.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to read this. I do hope you get the chance to read Winning Casey, a book I poured my heart into! It would mean more to me than you can know that if you do, and you like it, to share it by word of mouth with others. For how else is a story born on the wind…

Hugs from Canada,

January Bain

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