Brass Ring Sorority Series

January Bain

If the Knights of the Round Table were Canadian and female, they’d be a little like the Brass Ring Sorority…

Casey Madison’s the founder member of the Brass Ring sorority, an informal globe-trotting sisterhood who promised while studying for their various degrees at the University of Manitoba, Canada, to help one another reach for the brass ring and make their most heartfelt wishes come true.

The Brass Ring Sorority series follows these eight badass, talented and professional women—all with different and valuable skill sets—as they go out into the world. They’re committed to following the path least trodden in pursuit of their professional goals and to discovering vast riches during their treasure-hunting jaunts. And of course living life to the fullest, embracing the centuries-old adventurers’ spirit celebrated by pirates and privateers since times untold.

So what if they have their own unorthodox ways of going about things and don’t take anything or anyone too seriously? They get the job done! And discover love hidden in the most unusual places along the way…

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