"The Journey of Writing Winning Casey" January Bain Guest Post

Posted by Heidi Blakey on 13th July 2017

Hello everyone, January Bain here! I am so thrilled and honoured to be in touch with you today about my first release with Totally Bound, Winning Casey, the very first in a new series titled the Brass Ringers Sorority.

I get the pleasure of telling you all about a group of friends having high adventures all around the world and the awesome men they meet, and uh, thoroughly “enjoy” along the way or at least after they sort out other stuff, if you know what I mean. And the men, wow, the kind of hero that takes your breath clear away. Or at least, they did mine, while I was writing their antics down! Whew, and I’ve got lots more stories to share about their journeys as there are eight incredible Ringers. Strong awesome women fighting for their place in the world.

Lots of readers like to ask me where the ideas for their stories come from? I’ve found it all comes together better once you know the characters you are writing about as well as you know your best friends. They will lead you through the twists and turns of a story, sharing the fun and hardships along the way.

Writing Winning Casey pushed me into new territory. The things I had to research and learn to do justice to Casey’s story were staggering. She embraces new experiences that would give most people pause. Like heading to Dawson City in Canada’s Yukon to search for Soapy’s Stolen Gold and ending up having to fight a moose and high water to bring the precious resource home to the Ringers to fund future adventures. She just about gave me a heart attack at times…

And have you ever heard about Canada’s Money Pit? She’s out to find the legendary treasure hidden on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, no matter what it takes, butting heads with her new Department Head, Professor Truman along the way. Truman is also trying to recover the vast riches thought to lay in a pit one hundred and eighty feet below the surface of the tiny island. No one knows for sure what the treasure is, but there has been a lot of speculation over the years.

Did Prince Henry Sinclair and the Templar Knights come to the new world and bury the Templar riches on the deserted island? Or did a pirate like Captain Kidd or Blackbeard dig the elaborate array of tunnels that have bobby trapped the treasure for two hundred plus years? Or perhaps the Vikings or the Aztecs could lay claim?

No matter who planted it, Casey is determined to uncover it, and if she must connect with the annoying Truman to do so, then she’ll suck it up buttercup and get on with things. So what if lust is making it difficult for the pair to keep their hands off each other, they have vowed to find out the truth, no matter what it takes, right? Even if they have to put their own lives at risk to finish their mission. Everything from the Devil Dog to other less ghostly figures who want the treasure and will do anything to steal it away from the pair are thrown in their path trying to trip them up at every turn. Will it be enough to stop them?

I do hope you will go on this whirlwind journey with me and share in the pure excitement and enjoyment and heart-stopping thrills of Casey and Truman’s journey. They stretched my knowledge and patience at times, but all for the good of telling their story, so all that ends well is what matters, eh!

Many hugs from January Bain, hard at work in her writing office in the heart of Canada, and drinking buckets of coffee to keep her alert along the way. For this was the kind of story that wakes you at 5AM demanding to be written...

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