Anarie Brady Exclusive Interview

Totally Bound chats to Anarie Brady about her exciting month ahead...

Hi Anarie and welcome! Are you excited to be releasing four titles in one month with Totally Bound?

I don’t remember a time when I was more excited - well - about book releases that is! The people at Totally Bound are incredible to work with and I’m rather in awe of their abilities and perceptions.


Three of these releases make up the Pleasure series. Where did your inspiration for this series come from?

Food. I find food to be very, very sensuous. Many of the terms used to cook are the same or similar to those used with sex - BDSM in particular. Whip, beat, sweeten, rise, knead, savor, juicy, simmer, cool, hot. Seriously, what is more sensuous that having your love feed you a spoonful of ice cream then lean over to lick the drop from your lip?

I learned how to cook from my grandmother who taught me that if you love someone, you want to make sure that you put good food into that person. Otherwise, you are giving them junk and, after all, we are what we eat. Who would want the person they love to be junk? So, I suppose both my grandmother and food were my inspiration.


Although the books in the Pleasure series are interlinked, each explores the various relationship aspects of a different couple. What made you decide to write your series in this way?

Trying to explain BDSM with one book is like trying to explain the nuances of Mozart with a two sentence summary. Instead, I broke up three different aspect of BDSM - total submission of a slave to her master, submission as only one part of a relationship, and domestic discipline. Granted, there are many, many other categories of BDSM which I didn’t come close to touching upon. My main focus, though was to show that even though people approach the idea of BDSM in different ways, at its heart is love, respect and communication.


When writing your new standalone release, Conquest of a Fairy, how did you find combining the fantasy genre with elements of Bondage and BDSM?

Conquest of a Fairy is my first book and I love it. To be honest, I think I’m still a little in love with Angus. I’ve always been fascinated by Celtic mythology and even managed to impress a tour guide when I visited Ireland once! That book was written before BDSM became more acceptable and, at the time, it was plausible that a fantastic being like a fairy would be more willing accept and delight in the pleasures of BDSM than a strong minded, modern woman. Now that those who enjoy and find pleasure in some of the rougher aspects of consensual sex, I enjoyed working on this book even more than I did when I first got the idea.


What aspect of BDSM do you find the most fascinating?

The psychology! As a submissive myself I’ve experienced what is called “Sub mind”. I know what this is, but don’t understand why it is. Let me explain. I have been married close to 30 years to my high school sweetheart. We have raised two sons and made it through many, many storms. Most of the time, we are the average couple, but sometimes, he gives me a look or says a word and my whole state of mind changes. I am no longer an overworked woman trying to stretch the hours to accommodate my duties. I am his. I live for his word, his touch, his pleasure. When this happens, I do not lose who I am, nor am I humiliated. On the contrary, I feel more empowered, stronger, sexier than I have ever been. If this state goes on, sometimes I can achieve “subspace” - a mindset similar to a yogi’s trance where I find peace, love and light. When I write, I want my characters to experience this delightful state of mind as well.


What can we expect from Anarie Brady and Totally Bound Publishing next?

I’m really not sure. I may try to experiment with fantasy again - perhaps a whole new world, or maybe something more historic. The 1920s era fascinates me as does pre-historic America and Greek mythology. Whatever it is, rest assured, it will be very, very hot.


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