Spies R Us Series

Amber Malloy

An agency composed of spies …

Unlike the stuffy establishment over at M16, the American spy agency J8 is a little bit different. Unsuspecting old ladies make bombs, and the pretty, girl-next-door type has the ability to kill her suspect with a toothpick. Without the walls of patriarchy to run into, the agents at J8 are in a league of their own. Founded by a man who held patriotism above all else, an organization of elite spies protect America from unseen evil forces. However, once the owner dies the future of the agency is in limbo. 

After four years, burned agent Eden Morgan must fix the splintered agency and her relationship with the family she left behind. To ensure their safety, Eden had to disappear…and to keep them alive she will have to return from the dead. 

International attorney Ashe Marcille is on the fast track in her firm. Asked to speak in front of the United Nations, she soon finds all her dreams derailed when her partner is found dead. When she’s rescued by a stranger, she has to trust the handsome man and go on the run. Never thinking that evil from her past could catch up with her, Ashe is forced to turn to the agency that saved her years ago. J8 comes back into Ashe’s life, but at what cost?

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