Out of Time Series

Nancy Adams

In May of 2040 The Genetic Purification Act became active in the Kingdom. Any embryo that showed signs of superior intellect, hearing, sight, strength or speed became classified military property.

As genetically superior soldiers, members of the UBF are the elite in a society in which perfection is the norm. There are two simple commands they must follow. One, protect the Kingdom at all cost. Two, help produce the next generation of super-soldiers.

Yet there is something missing from their simple lives, the one thing that is purposely withheld from them…love. The members of the United Battle Force are strictly forbidden to engage in any sort of romantic relationship. No spouses, no lovers, no families. The outside distraction that will not be tolerated by any member, for any reason.

Though most have accepted the command and agree with the reason behind it, a small few are more than willing to sacrifice their lives for it; some will even shift through time to save the women they love.

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