Bound by Fear

Jayce Carter

Customer & Industry Reviews of Bound by Fear

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  Review by Crystal Blogs Books

While I enjoy a good MFM, I prefer MMF. So I don't really read a lot of reverse harem romance. Gotta say, I really enjoyed it. I love that Sunny, Connor, Trent, and Garrison don't go zero to 60 in less than 4 chapters. In her previous BDSM relationship, Sunny's Dom used the lifestyle to emotionally and physically abuse her. She is very reluctant to enter into a new relationship, much less one with three men. So she goes to Sanctuary to prove to herself that she doesn't need or want the lifestyle. Things don't do quite as planned when she meets the three of them. Together, they show Sunny the pleasure that can be had in a true BDSM relationship. What follows in some sizzling hot chemistry boiling over.

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