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Customer & Industry Reviews of Retaliation

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  Review by Wicked Reads

I really enjoyed the angst and pain that Hannah goes through as she is put into more than one difficult situation...I had a hard time putting this one down and couldn't wait to see where the author took us next.

  Review by Alpha Book Club

I was blown away once again by the very talented author Anise Storm! The BDSM Romance genre is a challenging one to pull off, not only did she do that but she made it a BDSM Romance Menage! My kindle melted from all of the steam in this book! 

  Review by Alpha Book Club

Retaliation was a great 5 star read and the final book in the Nirvana trilogy...I like how everything came together in the end and all secrets were revealed and questions were answered. I will definitely be following Anise Storm, she has done a great job with this hot BDSM trilogy.

  Review by Crystal Blogs Books

Retaliation tied everything up with a pretty bow. I loved that Anise expanded on the length a bit to dive into the ramifications of Hannah's actions and indecisiveness...Overall, I loved Retaliation. I felt it was a fabulous conclusion to the series. Another fun and sexy book from my new favorite erotic romance author!

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