Ambush of Love

Sharon Kimbra Walsh

Customer & Industry Reviews of Ambush of Love

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  Review by Wicked Reads

Finally! A war romance where the leading lady is perfectly capable of rescuing her own damn ass. Heavy on realistic details of life for Royal Marines on a FOB in Afghanistan and lighter on the romance than many recent combat romances, I loved this book. Capable and calm under fire, Jessie is my new girl crush. I loved watching her adjust to her team and fit in with the men. Her experiences as a combat medic felt real and I really loved her story. Some of Jessie’s experiences are horrific but they always feel honest, and while I can remember similar stories from news clips, the novel format made the events feel intensely personal.

Nick is an attractive leading man and a wonderful Lieutenant to his men. I really liked both of these characters and I loved the chemistry between them

This is an exciting read and I read it in a single evening, honestly unable to put it down. The military detail is exceptional and the experiences and characters are thoroughly believable. I want to see more leading ladies like Jessie and I will be looking for other books by this author.

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