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  Review by Long and Short Reviews

The writing, as always is first rate, but it is the tension between the characters and the hot sex scenes that move the story forward and thus kept us on edge in more ways than one.

  Review by Jamie Single

This book was a true pleasure to read. Sierra has managed to write the characters in such a way that you feel their journey with them. I found this to be an extremely well written book. An aspect that pulls me, is that the characters are so individual and the author expertly offers such delightful personalities. The story was one of heart and heat and a titillating read.

  Review by Redz World

I liked how Ms. Cartwright brought the BDSM into play to make these two characters have a deeper connection. Lara really wants to hang on to her heart, but Connor is trying to steal it away. Both characters are very strong in their own way.

I really liked that. Lara might be a sub but she is not someone to be walked all over. I love a passionate, beautiful, strong heroine and Lara is that in spades. Watching the push and pull of this relationship is one hot read.  I would love to read more in this series in the future.

  Review by BDSM Book Reviews

This was an emotionally charged, highly sensual book with excellent characters and an intriguing plot. The sex was hot and involved bondage, whipping, spanking and more. I liked Lara, who was a strong woman who felt an obligation to her family. Connor was an awesome Dom, careful with his submissive and watching closely to give her what she needed. He just needed a few kicks to wake him up. Overall, a very enjoyable read by an author who has become a favorite.

  Review by Wicked Reads

I am a big fan of Ms. Cartwright's writing, so was delighted to see a new series from her. And this is a great start to it, that's for sure. The premise is inspired, the outcome is perfect and the execution is both incredibly hot and cleverly plotted. We are introduced to two families worth of characters, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Connor and Lara in future episodes. I loved the interplay between them, the resolution of the contract, and the intensity which developed. I think the family dynamics were handled brilliantly, and I missed a night's sleep because I could not stop reading. If you like your Doms intense and your submissives intelligent, then this will work for you. It is much more than that though, with a good business based issue to resolve and feelings to be considered. And even rescue dogs play a role too!

  Review by The TBR Pile

Holy smokin’ sex, readers! This was…AWESOME! It was an amazing story and the sex was to DIE for. There was one scene that, for me personally, hit right into one of my biggest fantasies, it was incredible. Read it for the story, read it for the sex. Just read Bind by Sierra Cartwright!

  Review by Sultry Steamy Reading

The thing that will capture readers is the chemistry between the main characters. It is as explosive as two people can get. The sex scenes are crazy steamy. The banter and the dialogue are all good. I read this book in one day. That’s how much I enjoyed it.

  Review by Romancing the Book

The attraction between the two lead characters, Connor and Lara is unbelievable. Sierra Cartwright transports you right into their world. The world of business and pleasure and matters of the heart. The plot is unusual but intriguing none the less. I was kept on my toes and could not wait to find out what happens next.  It seemed like the end of each pages would leave me so desperate to know more. Sierra has me hooked with her amazingly detailed writing style. She has left me wanting more and I can’t wait to find another of her books soon. 

  Review by April Best

Wow! I love me some Sierra Cartwright! She has done it again! What started as a business arrangement quickly becomes SO much more! Lara and Connor are a wonderful couple who learn a lot about themselves and each other! Get the book and discover the amazing world of Sierra Cartwright!

  Review by Susan Cooper

Connor and Lara. What a wonderful start to a new series! I love strong, powerful women who can give up total control to an even stronger, powerful man. Sierra writes the stuff of dreams, and dream about being one of her heroines I do! The only thing wrong with the book is that it has an ending. If I had my way, I'd keep Sierra in her writing cave and make her writing keep up with my reading! She creates the best book boyfriends one could ever imagine, and I don't know how she does it, but every book is better and better. That is not to say the previous were anything but wonderful, either, but somehow she manages to keep each new story fresh and exciting and HAWT. 

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