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Raven McAllan- Rude Magazine feature

Do you ever look at your significant other, focus on one tiny bit of his or her body and go all shivery, have goose bumps and think oh my… magic…

I do.

Raven McAllan - USA Today feature

Three of my favorite holiday destinations, and it was so hard to choose … (If I didn't live here, I'd sayScotland.)

• Simitai, The Great Wall of China. The nearest you'll get to your own personal heaven. You can hear the silence. I admit to losing my bottle at one point and coming down several yards on my bum. Then a man appeared in flip flops and began to sweep the dirt.

Raven McAllan - Cara Sutra feature

Do you ever get that, oh wow, they want me moment?

I did, when I was asked to write this for Cara Sutra.

You see, I still have trouble believing I’m a published let alone—blowing my own trumpet here—a best selling author of Erotic Romance.

However I’ve just pinched myself, checked my screen shots and ratings, and I am so, here goes…

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