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Ashe Barker - Books in tweets

Upon the release of her new book The Three Rs, Ashe Barker has rewritten each of the blurb for her books in tweets! 

Ashe Barker - Feature for The Three Rs

Ashe Barker, author of The Three R's


My favorite love songs:


Bed of Roses (Bon Jovi). I'm a BIG Bon Jovi fan, absolutely love their stuff, especially the older classics. I've been to more Bon Jovi gigs than I can remember, spent many happy hours jigging and screaming in draughty arenas. Bed of Roses has always stood out for me, dripping with cynicism and heartbreak, and a perfect showcase for the gravelly quality of Jon BJ's voice.


Ashe Barker - Interview for The Three Rs

Ashe Barker has been interviewed by her local paper, Telegraph and Argus about being and erotic romance author and her new release The Three Rs.

“I’d never thought about writing, but reading that got me thinking ‘I wonder’,” says Ashe. “I started writing in September 2011 and had no idea if I’d finish it. I set a deadline for Christmas and I finished it at 9.15pm on Christmas Eve! Over the festive break, I tidied up my manuscript then sent it to Totally Bound Publishing.

“I didn’t have an agent, they just accepted it and suggested writing a trilogy. I went on to write mostly trilogies.”

The Three R's Book Trailer

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