Kneel for You

By Katy Swann

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Book Description
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Should she agree to be spanked? Just the once? It would all be in the name of research, of course…

When journalist Kirsten Anderson is told by her boss to write an article about BDSM she’s extremely reluctant. She tries to get out of it by claiming she doesn’t know anything about BDSM, but that isn’t strictly true. None of her colleagues know about her kinky past and she has no intention of letting them find out, but she isn’t in a position to turn the assignment down either.

When her friend Chloe sees how stressed Kirsten is about the article she offers to take her to a BDSM club to find some inspiration. Kirsten agrees, but doesn’t mention that she used to go to this particular club regularly until a bad experience made her turn her back on the kinky lifestyle three years earlier.

Returning to the club and watching the scenes around them reminds Kirsten what she’s missing. She’s envious of the girl being flogged by her Dom nearby, but she’s so busy denying it that she doesn’t recognize the burning need inside her. Until she spots Eddie—a colleague she’s got a secret crush on—working in the club as a Dungeon Monitor.

Eddie reintroduces her to the joys of Dominance and submission, the delicious sting of a spanking and the incredible sex that follows. But is she strong enough to conquer her fears?

Publisher's Note: This book was previously released as part of the Over the Knee anthology by Totally Bound Publishing. 

General Release Date: 1st December 2015

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Book Information
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Heat Rating: Burning  
Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78430-871-1
Sexometer: 2  
Word Count: 14,996
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT STORY
Pages: 47

About the author
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Katy Swann

Katy Swann is in her forties and lives near London, UK with her husband, three children and two cats.

Katy writes BDSM romance with an emphasis on D/s. She finds the D/s dynamic the most exciting and erotic aspect of BDSM although a good spanking or flogging comes a close second. Her books are first and foremost love stories with a large dose of D/s and kinky sex.

The Boundaries Trilogy (To Love and Submit, To Love and Trust & To Love and Obey) was published in December 2013 and was her first release. She is currently working on a new series of standalone BDSM romance novels called Dominion.

Coffee, chocolate and cats are her favourite things and are often close by when she sits down to write.



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  Reviewed by Sweet N Sassy Book A Holics

An interesting short story about a woman who had a bad experience in the past with a scene in BDSM and as a result, turned her back on the lifestyle. Years later, it takes a job assignment and one c...

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  Reviewed by Erotica for All

This is a great little story. It’s intriguing and well-written, with likeable characters. I was eager to find out what happened next, whether Kirsten would indeed conquer her fears. Overall, a boo...

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Katy Swann - BTS feature

When I started plotting the story for my new book I was so full of ideas that I couldn’t get them down quickly enough. I had pages and pages of notes, knew exactly how the story would unfold and had a clear image of the characters in my head. I couldn’t wait to get started. At first everything was fine. The first few chapters almost wrote themselves and I quickly became drawn into the story. And then I hit a brick wall – writer’s block.

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Katy Swann - Fresh Fiction feature

I sort of stumbled into writing erotic romance. I had initially only intended to write one erotic short story just to prove to myself that I could write something a bit naughty.

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