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Geraldine O ' Hara - Feature for Covert Affair


Three words I use to describe myself:


Weird. Because I do some strange things that have family members rolling their eyes. Like randomly breaking into song or dance. Or answering people as a cat if they talk to ours. Why? Maybe because I find it amusing to do odd things every so often. You know, stop people getting complacent, mix things up a bit.

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Geraldine O ' Hara - Article for Secret Seductress

Article written about erotic romance by our very own Geraldine O’Hara has been featured by The Telegraph online and in their weekend print edition too!

The success of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has opened the doors of the genre to a much wider audience, says author Geraldine O’Hara, but it’s still difficult to tell people you write graphic romance fiction when you’re a wife and mother of five.

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Geraldine O' Hara - Interview for The Key

Why do both of your books feature a transformation for the main protagonist?

For me it was important to get the message across that no matter who you are, somehow, with enough courage (or sexy clothes and a French accent!) you can achieve what you want. I also wanted to make sure that the men in my books fall in love with the woman no matter what she dresses or acts like—by the end they know who the “real” woman is and love her regardless…

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