Photo Finish

By Alexis Fleming

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Who knew that family photos could be so much fun?

Shelly's tired of relationships that go nowhere. Her friends tell her it's because she's not aggressive enough in bed so when her sister offers to find her someone to practice on, Shelly's all for it. When she opens the door on the very sexy James Mallory, Shelly's ready to makes some changes.

But imagine her surprise when she discovers James isn't the right man…or is he?

General Release Date: 1st January 1970

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: fb_310
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT STORY

About the author
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Alexis Fleming

Alexis Fleming is one of those strange people who live inside their mind. No, she doesn't hear little voices… Well, she does, just not the type you're thinking of.

Alexis' world is peopled with interesting characters and exciting possibilities that come to life in each and every book she writes. Her first love has always been romance, whether on this world or the next. Hot, sizzling relationships with a dash of comedy and a few trials and tribulations thrown in to test her characters.

When she's not tied to her computer creating sizzling stories to tempt her readers, she helps run a busy motel set on the edge of a National Marine Park in Australia. What better place to get inspiration for the tales she turns out? A glorious sunset over the ocean, dolphins playing almost in her front yard, suntanned bodies lazing on the sand… How could she not get caught up in the eroticism of that?

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  Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen

Very clever, and HOT! Bravo!

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