Consistently Inconsistent: A Box Set

By L A Tavares

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One Motion More

Actions speak louder than words.

Long-haired bad-boy guitarist Xander has skeletons in his closet that refuse to stay dead. After a series of setbacks, Xander hits new lows, almost costing himself his reputation and career. While trying to take steps in the right direction toward better decisions and good choices, he meets Natalie, and for the first time—maybe ever—Xander sees past himself and past the music his rock band is famous for.

Their relationship is an unlikely one, with outside factors creating obstacles the two would have to tackle to make their love work.

He is reckless while she is responsible.

He thrives in the spotlight while she will do anything to avoid it.

He speaks fluent profanity while she doesn’t speak at all.

He works to win her heart, despite having to overcome the communication barrier, while she tries to look past the intensity of the spotlight they find themselves in.


Two Different Sides

All bets are off.

Blake Mathews is out of luck. 

The music, the fame, the love of his life… They’re not enough for him. His tendency to make large bets at expensive tables could cost him everything—the band, the money and the girl. 

Blake thought things couldn’t get any worse, but he lost that bet too. Someone from his past shows up after a decade of silence with new information about who Blake is, where he came from and the fact that he has family who is closer than he thinks.

Told on two different timelines—now and then—the story recounts the upbringing of the bass guitarist and his friend, lead singer Xander Varro, dating back to the two meeting, starting the band and the trouble and triumphs that unfold as the two grow to the present-day versions of themselves. 

For Blake, history tends to repeat itself, but with the help of his band, the girl he’s been chasing since his teen years and the family he didn’t know he had, the chance to break the dark cycles is in the cards for him, if he chooses to play the game. 


Three Beating Hearts

Keep your secrets close and your enemies closer.

Dominic Trudell has been Consistently Inconsistent’s drummer since the band’s conception. He keeps to himself, separates his regular life from his fame, is brilliant beyond measure and is a self-proclaimed bachelor. He has never said ‘I love you’ and has no intention to start now.

When Stasia Marquette joins Consistently Inconsistent, there is only one rule—no inter-band relationships. Dom, who isn’t known for dating or breaking rules, is doing both.

She’s captivating him in ways he can’t explain, but he doesn’t do love—never has—and she wants more than he can give her.

While he’s pushing her away—more for her own good than his—she finds herself tangled up with someone from Dom’s past, and that man knows that Dom keeps secrets as well as he keeps time.

Dom tries to keep his backstory hidden, while the band will do anything to stay on the charts. Can they stay relevant—or is it time for them to take their last bow?

General Release Date: 19th September 2023

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-80250-856-7
Word Count: 262,745
Language: English
Pages: 991

About the author
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L A Tavares

When it comes to romance, L A doesn’t have a type. Sometimes it’s dark and devastating, sometimes it’s soft and simple - truly, it just depends what her imaginary friends are doing at the time she starts writing about them.

L A has moved to various parts of the country over the last ten years but her heart has never left Boston.

And no, the “A” does not stand for Anne.

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