By Alcamia Payne

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When voluptuous Chickadee meets the intrepid French inventor Arnaud Petit, it isn't simply his latest invention - Petit's amazing mechanical horse - which Chickadee desires.

Petulant Chickadee Devereux, daughter of the industrialist Victor Devereux, gets more than she bargains for when she meets the dashing and sexy inventor Arnaud Petit at the Great Exhibition. Chickadee is a girl who's way ahead of her time. About to become engaged to rich Henry Peverel she lusts for a sensual, mentally stimulating match like Petit.

Chickadee is entranced by Arnaud's life size mechanical horse and instantly wants to acquire it for her own personal use and indulgence, however Arnaud has other ideas and he's not about to give into Chickadee's headstrong wiles. Chickadee falls hopelessly in love and lust with Arnaud but both of them are as headstrong and opiniated as the other. Can she win his heart with her naughty wanton ways?

General Release Date: 4th June 2012

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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78184-004-7
Word Count: 41,897
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT NOVEL
Pages: 106

About the author
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Alcamia Payne

Alcamia grew up around books and her earliest memory was browsing through dusty bookshops with her father. She started writing for fun when she was a child and loved escaping into imaginary worlds. Alcamia has had a varied career life both in the arts, media and alternative healing and medicine but always had the dream of being a writer, something she's been able to put into practice over the last few years. She started by writing pure romance but says her writing really came alive when she studied Anais Nin and began to put some hot passion and erotica into her stories. An avid science fiction and fantasy buff she also loves exploring all aspects of the paranormal and sciences and hopes that her work will always be fresh and thought provoking and give the reader something to think about.

As she says, ?there's nothing I won't tackle and if I come up with a simple idea for a story whether it's mainstream, gay, lesbian or fantasy - I'll have a crack at it. I like to be continually writing and active.' If asked if she has a first love with story telling - it always has to be a story with a strong and passionate romance as its basis. She also likes her characters to be strong and a bit different and able to accept their faults and use them. She loves giving talks about books and magic, is an ardent lover of nature and cats and enjoys ballet, Victorian costume, collecting books and travelling. She invites you the reader to take a little journey with her through her stories and hopes you enjoy them.

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