Ambush of Love PRINT

By Sharon Kimbra Walsh

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She thought he was arrogant. He thought she was trouble. Will conflict, misunderstanding and suspected betrayal allow two people to ultimately find each other?

Corporal Jessie McAllister is a US Marine Corps medic, deployed to Afghanistan during renewed hostilities and attached to the British Army, Bravo Recon Section. She is totally unprepared for the hostile conditions, not only from the environment but also from the members of her new section and her commanding officer.

The lieutenant makes it quite clear that he considers her a troublemaker, intent on disrupting his section. Determined that no man will dictate or control her, Jessie is angered by his judgmental attitude and tries to convince herself that he is arrogant and conceited. Why then does she find him so attractive, and what is it about Nick Ryan that sends her pulse racing?

Lieutenant Nick Ryan has no intention of allowing a woman to mess with his section, no matter how beautiful he finds her. Falling in love with any woman—let alone when he is fighting a war—has never been part of his plans. Why then does he find it increasingly hard to deny his feelings for her, and why does he want her so badly?

Through misunderstanding, betrayal and the hard facts of war, love is almost lost. Two very different hearts are on a collision course in a hostile and unrelenting land. Will their love be able to breach insurmountable barriers or will everything fade away?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of battle injuries and death of soldiers and innocents.

General Release Date: 20th September 2016

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ISBN: 978-1-78686-045-3
Word Count: 77,084
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL
Pages: 263

About the author
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Sharon Kimbra Walsh

Sharon spent eight and a half years in the Women’s Royal Air Force. Originally based in London, after she met her husband, Sharon relocated to Scotland to settle in Edinburgh. Already loving the country after having been stationed there during her time in the military, Sharon has never looked back. She lives with her husband and rescue West Highland Terrier, Snowie, (who thinks that she is a Rottweiler in disguise).

In 2014 Sharon started to have visions of writing a contemporary military romance. The ideas started to pile up and there was nothing for it but to get them down on her laptop, regardless of time and place.

You can take a look at Sharon's website here.

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  Reviewed by Wicked Reads

Finally! A war romance where the leading lady is perfectly capable of rescuing her own damn ass. Heavy on realistic details of life for Royal Marines on a FOB in Afghanistan and lighter on the roman...

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