Abbeydon Attraction

By Roxanne Blackhall

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The only thing standing in the way of Cat renovating her late grandmother’s inn is one annoying handyman. If only he wasn’t so sexy.

Cat wants nothing more than to get away from her late husband’s overbearing family. Discovering her grandmother left her the sole ownership of a family resort in the Catskills town of Abbeydon feels like a chance for a fresh start. Her dreams come face to face with cold hard reality when she sees the dilapidated condition of the place. She rolls up her sleeves and gets busy, with help from the local handyman, who is too hot and too charming for words. But Cat has no use for playboys like her late husband.

Nate happily ignores the attentions of the local ladies, that is, until this ice princess, city girl shows up and challenges his contented solitary state. He figures Cat’s just gonna flip the property and get the hell out, but every time he thinks he’s got her pegged, she proves there’s more to her than he ever imagined, and it’s not all icicles.

An epic snowstorm strands them at the house and their chemistry overwhelms their resolve to resist temptation and keep things strictly professional. Then a developer sets their sights on Abbeydon and Bristol Park, threatening to ruin the cozy charm of the town, and making Cat even more determined to rebuild. Costs are mounting, and when she discovers Nate has a connection to the developer, Cat will need to learn to trust to save both the property and their relationship.


Reader advisory: This book contains mention of infertility and a miscarriage.

General Release Date: 28th February 2023

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-83943-670-3
Word Count: 79,983
Language: English
Book Length: SUPER NOVEL
Pages: 302

About the author
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Roxanne Blackhall

Roxanne Blackhall is a former magazine and newspaper editor from San Diego, California, now living in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland. When not at her desk coming up with new ways to torment her characters, she can often be found in the kitchen, glass of wine in hand, cooking a meal for friends.

Find out more at Roxanne's website.

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