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Posted by Claire Siemaszkiewicz on 16th July 2019

Hey all,

Sandra Carmel here. I’m a new author to the Totally Entwined Group and just wanted to introduce myself and the upcoming release of Capture, book one in my paranormal romance trilogy, The Cure.

When I started on this writing journey, I never anticipated putting together a trilogy. My initial idea was for a single book. However, the writing mentor I had at the time, suggested a duology or a trilogy to adequately address the nuances of the plot, the storyline. And following her recommendation is the best thing I ever did.

The trilogy follows the lives of Richard and Eva, their unique love story and the obstacles they face along the way, which are massive.

Capture is the start of their story and explores when an ethics-bound geneticist discovers an evil plot to wipe the vampire gene from existence, whether he will expose the generations-old atrocity and risk losing the love of his life.

I had read and watched several vampire-inspired stories and they sparked an idea in me for The Cure. Something I hadn’t seen done…as yet. Before that, I actually never anticipated writing paranormal romance. Initially my love was classic romance and I thought I might go down the historical or tame-ish contemporary path. However, once Richard and Eva started talking to me, I couldn’t ignore their incredible, steamy, thought-provoking story. They face significant challenges to their love and have to deal with many moral and ethical judgement decisions that will impact on not just them but the broader community.

So, if you love a bit of steamy paranormal romance, I hope you’ll join Richard and Eva on their path from Capture to Discover to Reckoning.

Capture pre order – 16th July 2019

Capture general release – 27th August 2019

This book is available in Kindle Unlimited

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