Tori Carson introduces us to Sid and Alexa from Against the Odds!

Posted by Charlotte Kirton on 6th January 2016

Character Interview:

Meet Sid and Alex from Against the Odds

By Tori Carson


Interviewer: "Today, we have Sid and Alexa from Against the Odds with us in the studio. Thank you for coming! How was your holiday?"

Sid and Alexa exchanged a look as they sat holding hands.

Alexa – It was perfect. Sid and his friends decorated the ranch. Then we reached out to a local children’s charity. We were able to bring a number of families out to our place for a cook out and a wagon ride along with a visit with Santa.


Interviewer – "What a treat for those kids. Do you do something like that every year?"

Alexa – "I really haven’t celebrated holidays since I was a young kid.” She looked to Sid, “I was always on the run…”

Sid gave her hand a squeeze. “It’s okay, baby. You’re safe now.” He brought her fingers to his lips and gave her a sweet kiss.

Alexa – “I know,” she smiled at him. “Ever since I’ve become pregnant, I’ve been such a cry baby.” She wiped a tear away then placed a protective hand over her belly. “I don’t know how you put up with me.”

Sid – “You’re the air that I breathe, Misasha. Never think differently.”

Alexa giggled. “You gotta love a man who can say things like that in a room full of people.”


Interviewer – “Absolutely! You are one lucky woman. What are you working on now?”

Alexa sobered. “Along with Ethan Hawkings, a longtime family friend, and Sammy Rivers, a fellow co-worker of Sid’s, we’ve started a horse rescue just north of the valley. We’ve combined the resources of our three ranches and I believe we’re really going to make a difference.”


Interviewer – “I’m sure it will. I can see the passion in your eyes as you talk about it. I understand your story comes out next week. What are you hoping people will learn from it?”

Alexa looked down at Sid’s hand linked with hers. “No matter how desperate the situation is, there’s always hope. Never give up. Never stop trying.”

Sid leaned over a kissed her cheek. “Trust your instincts and don’t allow anyone to sway you away from what you know in your heart is right.”


Interviewer – “That’s great advice. What are your plans for the coming year?”

Sid – “We will be welcoming our child into this world and trying to figure out which end of the diaper goes where.”

Alexia laughed. “I’ve never been around babies, so I’m reading everything that I can and hoping I’m a fast learner.

Sid – “We’re going to be just fine, baby. No worries. We have a host of friends who will pitch in to help us.”

Alexa’s eyes grew misty. “I know. It’s starting to sink in, Sid.” She turned toward the interviewer looking apologetic. “I’m still getting used to the idea of having people I can count on. It’s a novel concept to a woman who spent a good chunk of her life looking over her shoulder.”


Interviewer – “I can’t imagine what you went through. A young girl, finding her friend dead, then yourself beaten and barely escaping with your life. I can see how that would give someone trust issues.”

Alexa – “You could say that, but now I have Sid.” She rubbed a hand over her stomach. “And our little one is going to grow up knowing they are loved not only by us, but by a host of “aunts and uncles.”

Sid – “Don’t forget Grandpa Hawkings.”

Alexa – “I believe Grandpa Hawkings plans to seriously spoil our baby.”

Sid – “I have no doubt,” he chuckled.


Interviewer – “Thank you so much for coming and visiting with us. I know your rescue is going to make a huge difference and good luck with the release of your story.”


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