Ylette Pearson

Ylette Pearson flavours her writing by drawing from her own experiences as Public Prosecutor, Magistrate, Commissioner of the Children’s Court and admitted attorney in South Africa. She loves to travel to remote locations on the African continent with  her husband of more than twenty-five years.

She currently resides on a small vegetable and sheep farm in the Highveld of the Mpumalanga Province. When not in the veld, she can be found reading or writing in the shade of a tree with her three Jack Russels at her feet.


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Exotic Settings

A book has a myriad of elements that draws the reader into the story to experience the lives of the characters with them, but one of the most enjoyable to me is an exotic setting. A book set in a country or place where I have never been, is halfway there to catch—and hold—my attention. I love to explore the culture, sights and sounds of foreign places with the hero and heroine.

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Not only was the relationship between the 3 MC's outstanding, I also really liked the mystery of Marie. Her "true" identity threw me for a loop and it was so totally different from what I anticipat...

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