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Jaye Peaches - BTSe Mag feature

Last year, I wrote my first piece of flash fiction for a writers’ gathering. What is flash fiction? The contributor is provided with a picture, an opening sentence or a single word prompt and has to write a short story, which usually has a word count restriction. 

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Jaye Peaches - Female First feature

I remember a time when my job consumed each day and my personal life whizzed by in the background - poor thing, my love life, all neglected and far too busy to entertain. Not entirely true, I had fun, but it wasn’t a consistent thread in my life. I worked in a male dominated company, one where career took priority and you were measured by your future potential – how far could you go? Romance doesn’t establish a foothold when you’re too busy ticking off targets and being submerged in a pool of men doesn’t make them eligible, especially if they’re committed to their own goals.

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Reviews (2)

Peaches weaved an interesting story that is part BDSM, sexual and intrigue and delivers a memorable story that you won’t forget in a hurry. I loved this unique and different book, it was par...

Hot and heavy doesn’t even begin to describe the chemistry between Callie and Stefan. It’s apparent from the beginning that these two weren’t going to be able to keep their hands off each ...

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