The Scots and the Sassenachs Series

Cassie O’Brien, Raven McAllan

The Scots and the Sassenachs. Their feuding goes back for centuries—it's a way of life.

When one irrational English Baron decides he has been wronged by a Scottish Duke he attempts to take his beloved daughter, away from him by way of blackmail. However, the lady concerned has her own more than definite ideas on the subject and sets out for England to thwart Baron’s plan.

Lives intertwine, a new friend is made. A beautiful widow who has a mystery connection to the Duke. Another secret to be discovered. They were in love when they were young, but circumstances forced them apart. The candle still burns bright, but they must put the past behind them if there’s to be a second chance of love.

Every action has a consequence and history sometimes repeats itself as the blackmailer’s son discovers when he comes across an abduction attempt. He steps forward to save the unwilling bride only to find her not at all appreciative of his efforts. The lady already had a rescue plan of her own. They agree to join forces and with great reluctance part at the end of the adventure. The following year they meet again and once more must join forces. A revenge attack, a child’s life is at stake, and only they can save her.

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