Tyed to You

By Jordyn McKenzie

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"And why not let the 'hot younger brother' woo you? You are the most amazing, drop-dead gorgeous woman I've ever known and you totally deserve to be wooed."

With her thirtieth birthday on the horizon, Jasmine Montgomery has just filed papers to divorce her unfaithful husband. She's spared a weekend of wallowing when she answers the call of her best friend, Laurel Benedetti, to come along for a carefree weekend at the Benedetti family lake house.

Joining them will be Laurel's younger brother, Tyson, and a couple of his closest friends, who are celebrating their graduation from college.

Aside from having known him since he was in primary school, Jasmine and Tyson have a very brief history: six years prior, a drunken moment's poor decision led to them being caught in a compromising position. Although Jasmine was horrified by her action, Tyson had fallen in love.

She hasn't seen him since that night, but the incident still lurked in the back of her mind. Surely he'd forgotten it had ever occurred…or had he?

All Tyson knows is that fate has awarded him this weekend as his chance to capture the heart of the woman of his dreams and convince her that age really is just a number.

General Release Date: 7th January 2013

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78184-180-8
Word Count: 33,219
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT NOVEL
Pages: 89

About the author
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Jordyn McKenzie

By day, she works a 9-ish-to-5-ish desk job. When night falls, and the house is quiet and calm, she puts pencil to paper, fingers to keyboard, and hoists her Freak Flag as high as it will go.

Having dabbled in writing since her t'weens, a recently realised knack for telling a titillating tale spurred Jordyn's decision to share her talent with the world. Strong, sassy women, roughneck men, and snarky dialogue are Jordyn's specialty. Her number one goal ? to entertain YOU, dear reader.

Jordyn enjoys good wine, better whisky, and the occasional belly laugh with her best friends; not necessarily in that order, but even better when they're all combined.

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