The Plan

By MJ Klipfel

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Book Description
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Crossed Souls story.

Sam breaks people and things to get what he wants, and for the past year, that’s been his unsuspecting coworker, Tessa. The next target for Sam’s destruction is the secret she hides behind. So when the opportunity to break into her apartment, presents itself, he takes it. With the help of his best friend, Andrea, they scheme to keep Tessa from pursuing the potentially life-ending news story she’s about to uncover. That’s if Sam can war with his doubts and wolf long enough for the plan to take place. One that could fulfill Sam’s desire to make Tessa his…forever.

General Release Date: 2nd August 2022

Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
Word Count: 2,200
Language: English
Book Length: SHORT STORY
Pages: 14

About the author
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MJ Klipfel

When not writing stories, where the villain and heroine fall madly in love, I can be found daydreaming, singing all the 80's songs, drinking copious amounts of coffee, reading books in headstand, protecting wildlife, and advocating for students with disabilities.

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