Desire in Deadwood

By Molly Ann Wishlade

Sexy Snax collection (Book #90)

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Book Description
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After more than a decade of separation, can Nate Hamilton really put aside his hurt and learn to forgive the woman who destroyed his life then help her to find her heart's desire in Deadwood?

Deadwood, 1878, Nate Hamilton and his former sweetheart Evelyn Campbell meet up after more than a decade of separation.

Then the widowed Evelyn discovers that her tuition post has fallen through, she is left destitute and concerned about how she will provide for her son, until Nate offers her a way to earn some money—and a way to exact his perfect revenge for her betrayal—he will pay her to be his own private whore.

The combination of past hurts, secrets and rekindled passion causes fireworks in and out of the bedroom!

General Release Date: 30th August 2013

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Book Information
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Format: EBOOK  
ISBN: 978-1-78184-427-4
Word Count: 17,704
Language: English
Book Length: NOVELLA
Pages: 51

About the author
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Molly Ann Wishlade

Molly Ann Wishlade has always been an avid reader and writer of stories. Her lifetime of reading has taken her from the magical worlds of The Faraway Tree and The Borrowers, to the Greek myths and legends, to Sweet Valley High and Judy Blume's Forever, to Asimov's science fiction, Jane Eyre's torment and Stephen King's masterpieces. More recently she has wandered through the vivid historicals of Philippa Gregory; the bubbly, gritty delights of Adele Parks and the fast paced thrillers of James Patterson. She loves getting lost in a novel and often regrets finishing one as the characters are usually missed like old friends. She regularly indulges her insatiable hunger for romance and passion in the delicious worlds created by romantic novelists and is working on several of her own!

What precious spare time she has is spent with her family (one gorgeous husband and two bright and beautiful children), taking long walks around the beautiful Welsh countryside (although she's still waiting for the rescue greyhound she wants to accompany her), cooking her own secret recipe curries, drinking Earl Grey (in copious amounts) and discovering delicious wines. Oh, and she also loves to ski and can't wait to go again! And buying shoes!

She wants to take readers on the rollercoaster that is life through the creation of her own characters, relationships and worlds.

She appreciates feedback, recipes and wine recommendations.

Reviews (2)
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  Reviewed by Customer

A snippet of what's to come from this talented writer, new to the club. However I expect to see more work from this sassy author. Can't wait to get the rest of this gripping novella in August.

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  Reviewed by Customer

If you love erotic cowboy stories this is a really well written tight little story, very very sexy, but with strong emotional story too. Quite brilliant for a novella.

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Molly Ann Wishlade - Interview for Desire in Deadwood

The book is set in 1878, so please tell us about your research process into it.

I read a lot of blogs and websites about the Wild West and watched a few documentaries. I scoured the internet for photographs of Deadwood (old and new) and re-watched the series Deadwood, as well as a few of my favourite Westerns. I’m fascinated by the thought What if… and that helped me to work through the GMC and the character arcs, whilst keeping a vivid picture of the historical setting…

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