The ABC’s of The S-T-O-N-E-S

Posted by Heidi Blakey on 6th June 2017


Hello, everyone! Victoria Blue and Angel Payne here, co-authors of the explosive Secrets of Stone series.

We’re so excited to be releasing book seven in the series, entitled No Broken Bond. You can find the book on all major e-retailer sites and of course, on Totally Bound’s website. 

Wow! Seven books! We have, as they say, come a long way baby—and thought it might be fun to share the Stones’ world with you in a fun new way. Who’s up for the ABC’s of The S-T-O-N-E-S? We hope you are—and that you’ll have as much reading about all these fun story elements as we did, in getting to create this exciting world of beautiful people and their powerful secrets.

Come along and play with us…

A is for— Alpina B7 — Fletcher Ford’s sexy beast of a car 
B is for— Brita, Killian Stone’s loyal and organized executive assistant at Stone Global Corporation
C is for— Chicago! One of the two exciting cities the majority of the series takes place in
D is for — Dominant, especially between the sheets. Which one of the Stone heroes—Killian, Michael, Drake, or Fletcher is your favorite? 
E is for — Erotic. Our favorite way to approach things when the lights go out and sexy times begin for the Stones. Yyyyaaaaaassssss!
F is for — Fairy, the special nickname Killian has for his girl Claire.
G is for — Girlfriends. Because with the crazy shit these Stone boys and their friends pull, these girls really need their gal-pals! Claire, Margaux, Talia, and Taylor have bonds that are deep.
H is for — High Dive, the name of a favorite bar for the gang when they have free time in San Diego.
 I is for — “In-flight Entertainment”, which certainly gets a whole new meaning aboard the Stone Global Corp private jet in all the books!
J is for — Julian, California, the small mountain town where Michael Pearson grew up as the son of an apple farmer. Needless to say, when Michael takes Margaux home to visit mom in No Perfect Princess, “meadow sex” takes on a whole new meaning!
K is for — Killian Stone, your next book boyfriend (tee hee)
L is for — Love, the heart of all our stories, and the driving force behind these powerful people. We hope you’ll come to love them ALL as much as we do!
M is for — Margaux Asher, aka Mary Stone, as well as the love of her life, Michael Pearson.
N is for — No Prince Charming, No More Masquerade, No Perfect Princess, No Magic Moment, No Lucky Number, No Simple Sacrifice and No Broken Bond!
O is for — Orgasms, as in multiple—the best kind!
P is for — Pearson’s Farm, the name of Michael’s family business. It’s a beautiful place in a rolling Southern California valley, with apple and lemon orchards, as well as a petting zoo and an old-fashioned barn.
Q is for — the Queen of PR, Andrea Asher—aka Margaux’s “Mommie Dearest.” Andrea and her shenanigans bring on some of the best “OMG” moments of the books!
R is for — Royalty. What the Stone family is compared to a lot.
S is for — San Diego, the other destination we really love writing about in the books. We both live near San Diego, and love getting to research any time we can.
T is for — Tolly, the affectionate nickname Drake and Fletcher use for their girl Talia 
U is for — Uniform. Anyone for a little schoolgirl role-playing? Ohhhh yes, we totally go there. Check it out in No Magic Moment…
V is for— Virgins. Okay, not in these books…LOL!
W is for — Whiskey, Fletcher Ford’s drink of choice.
X is for — X-rated, where both our minds are most of the time. Don’t worry, we do keep the filthier fantasies out of our writing. Okay, most of them. Okay, some of them…
Y is for — Yacht. You’ll never think of one the same way again after reading some of the love scenes in No More Masquerade. (Yes, we are fond of “destination sex”…LOL!)
Z is for — ZING! The word we hope you feel as you read our books of ultimate passion and everlasting love!

If you've enjoyed reading about the Secrets of Stone series check out the books here!

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