Celeste Rupert

Celeste Rupert lives in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains and (other than the lack of indoor plumbing) would love to live in the Old West. As time travel hasn't yet been invented, she lives in the era through her characters.

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Celeste Rupert - Interview for Holding Court

If time travel were invented where would be the first place you would go and what would you do there?

I am a huge local history geek, so it’s Alberta history that I would explore first. The native culture, the fur trade, the whiskey trade, the Northwest Mounted Police, the homesteaders and ranchers… I’d want to see it all. See, told you I was a geek!

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Celeste Rupert - Interview for Snowed Under

Why would you like to live in the Old West?

I grew up watching re-runs of Gunsmoke and Bonanza with my aunt, and reading my grandpa’s Louis L’amour books. I loved the adventure and romance of the silver screen west. As an adult, it’s more the idea of carving out a life, homesteading a piece of land with your own two hands that appeals to me…

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Outlaw Rose by Celeste Rupert is an Erotic Historical Romance of such Historical importance I want to know why the hell this wasn't included in my high school history classes damn it!...If you l...

Clara Wilder has a clandestine relationship with Court Raymond. They maintain this secret relationship because Clara’s a teacher and Court’s a powerful landowner. With a need for control, Co...

Hot sex in a vault! Cute story!

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