Beck Robertson

I’m a 35 year old London based author and copywriter who harbours a fascination with vampires, fantasy worlds, and all things B-movie. I’m an erotica enthusiast and a fan of classic rock, with an avid interest in Tudor and medieval history. I’ve a probably unhealthy addiction to virtual reality, and am a self-confessed Game of Thrones geek.

As well as writing for Totally Bound, I’ve written a crime novel, several shorts, and two novellas and had some of my short length horror featured on The Midnight Circle podcast.

You can take a look at Beck's wesbite here.

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Beck Robertson - Female First feature

Here's a new type of hunk happening in fiction and he's coming to sweep you off your feet (but don't worry, he'll help you back up again). Strong and protective, yet sensitive and forward thinking, he's the type of guy who gives you roses on your birthday and he doesn't spend hours doing his hair. He's unashamedly masculine in a lot of ways, he likes his beer, fast cars and weekend footy with his mates but he's also enlightened enough to be able to respect and therefore truly like women.

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