The Night Series

Robin Jeffrey

The Night series seeks to explore a dark and dangerous world that prowls beneath the surface of our own, always on the verge of breaking through. The werewolves of that world live in tight knit gangs, or “dens”, for protection from outsiders – and each other. Every major metropolis has one; to belong to a den is to have a family for eternity. But families can be complicated, and the stories contained within the Night series are likewise fraught with obstacles that often stand between these characters and their happily-ever-afters.

A reader picking up a The Night book can be sure to find three things: character-driven, steamy paranormal romance, pulse-pounding plots, and to-die-for destinations. Each book is centered around a different city, and a different set of main characters within that city. Secondary characters will reappear in the background of events, linking the books with a recognizable supporting cast and a shared universe of lore that is consistent from story to story. 

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