Blackstone Haven Series

Taige Crenshaw

Welcome to Blackstone Haven.

We are a close-knit community, which welcomes you for your visit with us. There are many secrets that are hidden and only those who are aware are allowed to see all that we have to offer. The Blackstone clan, are not just the founders of our town. They are the protectors of Blackstone Haven and those who inhabit it. Or come within it's boundaries.

Enjoy our scenic views, explore and get to know us. Keep an open mind and look beyond what the eyes see. Feel the pulse of the people and special beings that make our town what it is. For those who reside in Blackstone Haven the road is not always smooth or what you may expect but if they make it through to the other side they'll be on the path to happily ever after.

There is love, adventure and secrets to be uncovered. With each visit be ready to get to know more about the residents that inhabit our town…

Open your senses and embrace - Blackstone Haven.

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