This is So Happening

Amelia Kingston

Customer & Industry Reviews of This is So Happening

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  Review by Rig

I made the minor misstep of jumping straight into book #2, but fortunately Amelia's shared world only needs the most basic of character knowledge to see the connections; each story is more or less self-contained. The main strength of this series is the pacing, of which 'This is So Happening' is no exception. The slow burn between Jessie and Devin is believable without feeling forces at any point (even if Jessie is certainly a force of her own).

  Review by Amanda R.

This is So Happening does not disappoint! Amelia Kingston has created a delightful rom-com that was a joy to read. Dev and Jessie’s story was a hot and funny read that had great character development. I would highly recommend This is So Happening! I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  Review by Riley

Release Aug 4th This is so happening by Amelia Kingston I received a free ARC copy in exchange for a free copy. Jesse is full of light and energy. Devin is gruff and dark. Jesse sets her eyes on Devin and when they share a kiss, she is in love. This story is such a sweet romance that isn't without its heat. Armed with her determination, Jesse goes after Devin and does not give up. You will smile at her antics to get him. Devin, Mr. Stoic, struggles to let Jesse into his heart and admit that he loves her. Amelia Kingston crafts her heartwarming love story so well. You can understand where each character is coming from and follow along the ride with each. We meet the friends of both along with Jesse's traditional family and Devin's unconventional one. They all makeup the cast of characters that support the story. Give the lighthearted book a read. You will be glad you did.

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