Most Wanted

Gemma Snow

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Seriously, this book starts off steamy and didn't let up. Aside from the sexytimes, I REALLY loved Gemma's writing style. Each character has a distinctly different "voice," and some of the one-liners, especially from Lucas, gave me a good chuckle. I'm not sure how common "group relationships" are in real life, but aside from that aspect, the characters are all believable. They have doubts and flaws and like their liquor just like we all do! Bottom line: The raw and honest LOVE these guys felt for Ev, and Ev for them, as a partner(s) and Quinn and Lucas felt for each other as pseudo-brothers was truly wonderful to read. The idea may be a social faux pas, but there was nothing trashy or depraved about this erotic romance. We should all be so lucky to find one partner who demonstrates the die-hard love and loyalty these three share, let alone two! (I was given this book in consideration of my honest thoughts)

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