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  Review by Long & Short Reviews

Enticement was a scorching, romantic read, which I’m definitely adding to my Sierra Cartwright collection of must reads.

  Review by Annette

This was previously published in an anthology but has been revised and expanded. With each new revision of her books, Ms. Cartwright seems to dial up the heat and steaminess. Enticement is no different! Pierce has known Ella for many years as his kid sister’s best friend. He is home briefly and reconnects with her while out one night. Both are surprised to find out that each other are into BDSM. Pierce is very creative in dominating Ella and giving her what she needs and wants. The chemistry and sex between these two singes the pages! Ella knows that she wants a dominate man who is willing to settle down and build a future with her. Unfortunately, Pierce is not that man. Though Ella has got to him like no other woman, he is not ready to leave the adventure of the military. These are two strong willed people but love will conquer all obstacles. Another steamy read by Ms. Cartwright, with just enough of an opening for a continuation in another book for this family.

  Review by Tanja Milos

He is a Dom who knows what he wants and goes after it and she is a submissive who's searching for the commitment with the right man. and when you put his military precision and her sass - you get a Sierra Cartwright JACKPOT! Seriously, whatever storyline you give this woman, she makes it one hot, spicy and panties-melting showdown that you can't get enough of ... and believe me, after over 20 books under her belt, she still sizzle's. Ella and Pierce give us a great story about love and sizzling passion sneaking up on you when you least expect it and when you go after it, it gets only stronger. She is a strong woman, full of passion and dreams who has been hurt and had needs unfulfilled and he is an soldier who was on a break but found himself envisioning a quieter life as a way to go after what he wants - her. This is a book that will hook you from page one, and in one sitting you will reach #TheEnd and will be buying an plane ticket to go after Sierra to give you more of this gem!

  Review by Katherine Anderson

With a man like Pierce I knew this new expanded edition was going to be one hot read, and Sierra didn't disappoint. When his sisters best friend decides to start dating again, Pierce knows she's asking for trouble. Once she admits the real reason for wanting a man, well how could he resist but offer to help. The way Sierra weaves her magic never fails to impress me. She tells the BDSM side of this story so beautiful that your knee-deep in a scene before you even know that's what she's doing and it's so delicious. Thanks for another amazing story Sierra bring on the next one

  Review by April S Best

When Sweet and Sassy Ella lets herself have a kinky weekend with her best friends Super Sexy brother, Pierce, she didn't know what she was in for. The weekend was more than either expected. Hard choices have to be made on both sides. But you know love wins in the end!! Sierra never lets us down!!

  Review by Trish Bowers

I loved this story when it was a part of the One Night in Vegas anthology. Now that it is expanded it's even better. Staff Sgt Pierce Holden is sexy and oh so yummy. I totally get Ella being so against a relationship with a military man. The heart attaches too easy. But these two are meant to be together.

  Review by Wicked Reads

When Pierce and she have an opportunity to get together and BDSM is clearly on the cards, she is wonderfully honest with him, and he with her. I really liked that this was their starting point – and clearly Pierce desires to give her what she craves. The smooth and flowing writing style made the whole experience feel like one I was living through too – which was by turns a little scary, but also very hot!

For a short story, we get a very satisfying romance, D/s experience, and a desirable ending – I am looking forward to the next in the series!

  Review by The Romance Reviews

Get ready to be swept off your feet and then tossed to the side. Rinse and repeat... Ms. Cartwright creates some of the best dominant characters. Pierce's tone, words and body language is vivid to the point that it leaps off the pages. He is the dreamy Dom submissives pine after... The romance is spicy sweet and believable... For those who want dripping hawt sizzling BDSM scenes, Ms. Cartwright delivers over and over again... [she] blends BDSM into the romance so well. Love it! This erotic romance is highly recommended to BDSM readers who love alpha males and strong female submissives.

  Review by Crystal's Many Reviewers

Once again Cartwright has drawn me into a story that I just didn’t want to leave...Overall, this is another good read from Cartwright and I can’t wait to read more in the future.

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