Spicing it Up

Lily Harlem

Customer & Industry Reviews of Spicing it Up

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  Review by Erotica for All

This is a naughty little story from Lily Harlem that takes dinner parties to a whole new level! One evening, Cassandra and Raif have friends over for dinner, and Raif decides it’s a good idea to spice things up a little – literally. Cassandra’s taken aback, but willing to go along with what her Master has proposed. I don’t want to say too much, but what ensues is a very quirky, sexy tale with lots of lovely spanking and domination. If spanking and D/s play float your boat, then you should absolutely check out this sultry story. It’ll stay with you way beyond the last page.

  Review by Wicked Reads

Another HOT read by Lily Harlem. She never lets down with her stories. Even though the story was short and we didn't get a ton of background on the characters, I still felt connected to their relationship and what they needed from each other. I loved how there was the introduction of something new to the couple while also the old and familiar to both of them. Plus, the way the characters responded to each other's signs without always needing words was great. Showed how a true and positive d/s relationship should be. Can't say I have a single complaint about this story. It was absolutely fantastic.

  Review by Ali Greig

What do you do when you are under doctors orders and you cannot indulge in your favourite playtime pastime? You improvise of course - and Lucy has one hell of an imagination!

  Review by Karen Shenton

Cassandra is preparing for a dinner party when Sir surprises her with a new ingredient. This ingredient isn't for culinary use though. This story had me googling and goggling!

  Review by Ali Greig

Cassandra and Raif are husband and wife and Dom/sub. Raif decides it is time to spice things up a bit and introduces Ginger to their play. This book left me squirming on the sofa and now I cannot decide if I can ever look at a piece of ginger root again! Loved it!

  Review by The Jeep Diva

Spicing it Up is very hot to handle from the get-go! The story is unique and I fell in love with both characters as well as their dynamic. I have read a number of Lily Harlem books and she doesn’t disappoint! Her stories are fun to read-always unique, and very well written! She’s quickly become one of my one-click, no questions asked authors. 

  Review by The TBR Pile

For such a short story, this packs a huge punch. From the start Cassandra and Master have great chemistry and the anticipation building for the scene he has planned is wonderful. Then when what Master has planned out does happen (no spoiler from me), let me tell you it is explosive HOT! HOT! HOT! You will definitely need to fan yourself after this short read.

  Review by Wicked Reads

What a perfectly descriptive title for this very hot and fun read. Loving, sexy and tantalising.

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