Sparkling Stilettos

Jess Wright

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  Review by Momof3infl

The title may have to do with shoes, but the true sparkling of the book comes in the main character, Megan. She has her life planned out for her, a business that's soon to hit the big-time, some fabulous friends, and a fiancé who likes control. When she realizes that she would be better off alone, her life is put in a tailspin. With her shoe business taking off, Megan learns she is more than capable of taking care of herself. This is a contemporary book with a touch of suspense, and full of heart. It's an easy read that left me smiling and anxiously awaiting the next book in this series. Sparkling Stilettos is a promising start for author Jess Wright, I'm excited to see what comes next.

  Review by Book Addict Shaun

Sparkling Stilettos is a really fun read, and one that I have no hesitation in recommending.

  Review by Reviewed the Book

I just love a novel that hooks me. And I was completely transfixed with Sparkling Stilettos, I loved reading this book far more than I had expected to and it was fun, flirty and had the kind of ending which I adore but also drives me up the wall – the one that makes me need to read more in an instant even though I can’t and it’s so unfair! I really did enjoy this book and will be seeing this series through to the end. I adored and was hooked by this debut novel - even with its delightfully infuriating cliffhanger ending!

  Review by Shannon Paige Waters

I really enjoyed this book, it is everything I require from a summer read. It was fun, fast to read and fabulous. Megan Winter’s was a flawless protagonist; she was feisty, independent and lovable. If you are going on holiday or are looking for a quick, enjoyable read then go and pick up this book. It has friendship, work, ambition, romance and drama in it. What else could you possibly ask for?

  Review by Emma is Writing

Megan changed her life within an instant, the plot became exciting and with the unknown ahead, our main character really came out of her shell. What’s next for the shoe designer? World domination perhaps? Brendon and Georgie were the two characters who constantly gave the plot the burst of life it needed. Yes, it was a heartbreaking time for Megan but with her two hilarious best friends by her side, I couldn’t stop giggling. It was a three way friendship that had been made in Fictional heaven. 

  Review by Rachale's Reads

This is a light read that I absolutely sped through and it’s perfect for reading while enjoying a lovely bubble bath or curling up with a glass of white wine. Reading about her shoe design business was fascinating. The characters were also really fun to read.  Megan was easy to relate to. She seemed to be a typical woman in her 20’s and had a great couple of friends in Brendon and Georgie. James was wonderful, and while I understand why Megan freaked out (repeatedly), I was silently begging her to not do that, as James seemed quite a catch! I definitely appreciated the parts of the book that was from his perspective.  I for one cannot wait for the next two parts to be published so I can see what happens to Megan.

  Review by Rachel's Random Reads

I found it a fun and frothy read, that does have a more sinister side to it.  If you are wanting to read something very simple, and enjoyable, then this is a fabulous book. 

  Review by Coffeeholic Bookworm

This was definitely a fun read! Megan Winter was a strong character, a feisty and naughty one at that. She kinda reminded me Becky Bloomwood of the Shopaholic series, but I think Megan had more depth. Her friends, Brendon and Georgie were likeable, too. I’d say, this story took me on an adventure worth undertaking. I love the ending, it leaves something for the reader to watch out for. Jess Wright was able to write an intricate story that is sure to make the readers’ hearts go a-flutter!

  Review by Sultry, Steamy Reading

The female protagonist was a great character to read and her development throughout the whole book was well-written and played out. From a lovestruck fiance to a hardworking businesswoman and finally to a person who knows she can face her challenges and succeed, Megan Winter is a character that will not bore you. Sparkling Stilettos is a story not just about romance and love and marriage but also about friends that you can truly depend on, the risks you take when you fall in love, and the journey to one’s self that is most important before we try to commit ourselves to other people. This book had a good plot that will surely entertain readers.

  Review by This Chick Reads

I totally fell for James aka Hot Guy. He is gorgeous, smart, sensitive, total opposite from Megan’s ex-fiance. He really cares for Megan, respects her privacy and loves her for who she is. A man that every woman could wish for. Megan’s BFFs are truly amazing too. They are not just best friends, they are like a family, a very unique and special family. Each one of them is likeable and made me laugh and cry couple of times.  The writing style is really good making the book quick and easy to read.  An enjoyable summer read and I’ll definitely check out the sequel.

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