Branded by Frost

Aliyah Burke

Customer & Industry Reviews of Branded by Frost

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  Review by Long and Short Reviews

Branded by Frost is a must read, between the helicopter rescues, the demon fights and the love story between Dex and Aminta, and it is a true love story, you will have many hours of pure entertainment.

  Review by Selina Durio

I love this series. While reading the series I always viewed Aminta Tran as one of the more aloof of the guardians. She was usually not around when the action was taking place, but when she was she seemed a little aside to the others. I enjoyed reading the story of her origins and the explanation for why she is Frost. Dex is the perfect mate for her! I am most interested in seeing what is happening to Lian. The last two books have given hints that something is happening and I cannot wait to see what. Overall this series is a wonderful read and the author puts in just enough facts to keep you wanting more.

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