Unfinished Business

Isabelle Drake

Customer & Industry Reviews of Unfinished Business

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  Review by Multitasking Mommas

If you've ever wondered what it would have been like if you ended up with your best friend of the opposite sex, and I'm guessing Isabelle Drake must have, then Unfinished Business is a novel that you must read. I haven't laughed out loud with a book for a very long time, possibly a couple of months, come to think of it. But Hayley's wrecked train of thought has had me chuckling and face palming a couple of times. Somehow, I recognize the disjointed ideas - it could be me! Unfinished Business is so much like reality that Isabelle Drake will have you matching up the characters in her novel with people you actually know. And I dare you not to find yourself among them! This is a fun, entertaining read which is also a compelling argument why friends would certainly make the best lovers.

  Review by Crissy Smith

I was surprised by the funny moments and situations Hayley finds herself in. I like her lists. I have to say that I totally love our main guy Nick. From the very beginning I connected with him and was pleased to see the story unfold. The relationship between Hayley and the other characters in this book is really what moves the plot along and keeps you engaged. The secret that Hayley is carrying around with her is resolved at the end and I happily finished the book liking this twist.

For a light hearted fun read I recommend this lovely book from Isabelle Drake.

  Review by Pamela L. Todd

Unfinished Business was a lively read with laugh-out-loud broad comedy and equally tender moments with heaping mounds of emotion. Hayley struck me as a woman at odds with herself. She is desperate to shed her country skin, but country has a way of working itself into hearts. I’m a massive fan of the overprotective alpha, but Nick was refreshing. I also loved that he called Hayley on her bitchiness. Their sex scenes were also anything but quiet.

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