Now You See Me

Pamela L. Todd

Customer & Industry Reviews of Now You See Me

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  Review by The Romance Reviews

Hot sex, intense drama, humor and redemption make up NOW YOU SEE ME, and I couldn't get enough! I just love Ms. Todd's work! She's such a talented writer, making the reader feel as if they are besties with the characters in her books. But unlike a lot of books, it didn't end with drama, it ended with healing, and I LOVED that! Well done, Ms. Todd, this is an EXCELLENT read and I can't wait for more from you! Bottom Line: Crazy good read that'll give you the feels in so many different ways. 

  Review by Lisabet Sarai

Now You See Me is phenomenally good, especially for a first novel. In a genre famous for straining belief, it may be the most realistic romance I’ve ever read. Overall, Now You See Me is a substantial and satisfying novel, as well as a brilliant instantiation of the “What’s Her Secret” theme. Jo’s secret drives the book from beginning to end. Revealed, it has as much power as it did when it was hidden. I applaud Pamela Todd’s skill in weaving this tale of terror, love and redemption.

  Review by Ashe Barker

I gave this book five well-earned stars for the fast pace, the gripping plot and the sheer sensuality of the relationship between Jo and Nate. If you like a book to offer hot sex underpinned by a solid storyline, this is for you. Heartily recommended.I gave this book five we;;-earned stars for the fast pace, the gripping plot and the sheer sensuality of the relationship between Jo and Nate. If you like a book to offer hot sex underpinned by a solid storyline, this is for you. Heartily recommended.

  Review by JustAnotherMother

I purchased the book a little over 24 hours ago, from that point I was barely able to put it down, any chance I had to read I did. Such a very well written novel, the characters were all superb, Nate and Jo so perfect for each other and the end for Suze, just excellent.

  Review by LeeAnne

What a fantastic and well written book. Once you start it you won’t want to put it down. Jo and Nate are total opposites. Jo is shy and damaged, yet extremely intelligent and funny. Nate is every woman’s dream: rich, handsome, nice and giving. I love that not only is this a super hot erotica, it’s also a great story. The erotica scenes are super well written and they flow very easily within the story making it that much better. Jo moves in to a room in Nate’s gorgeous home and from the get go the attraction is strong. Jo is fighting her past to build a relationship with Nate. Jo develops a great relationship with Nates sister Suze and sweet daughter Tilly. This opens Nate’s eyes to Jo being even more fantastic then he thought. Loved the story, highly recommended! Great read!

  Review by momof3infl

Powerful, chilling, engaging and provocative! Now You See Me was brilliantly written and had me anxiously turning the pages all the way to the end. Jo and Nate are impeccable together, in a flawed type of way. Jo has been running from her past for years, until she runs into Nate. When they end up living together, she unwittingly starts to make friends and start a serious relationship with Nate. Will the chemistry between them be enough for her to stay put? Or will her past make her run again to save him and his family she has fallen in love with. The complexity of the book includes some challenging scenes, but the scorching hot times between Jo and Nate more than make up for them. I'd definitely recommend this book, it's not only sweltering with a side of thrilling, but it tugs at your heart. I read a lot of books, and sometimes they start to jumble together, but this is one that will be at the top of my favorites this year.

  Review by Butterfly-o-meter

I recommend the novel if you’re into suspense but not into gory details and much violence, plus I’m sure you’ll love this if you’re into sweet romance, because boy was it sweet! Not overly fluffy or anything, but on my scale of things, definitely sweet.

  Review by Jill M

This was an erotic, thrilling, sweet, touching story of a woman lonely and lost until she meets the man and family of her dreams. I totally fell in love with all the characters, especially Nate! This is a very well written book that touched my heart. With just the right amount of steam and mystery.

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