Secrets Uncovered

Raven McAllan

Customer & Industry Reviews of Secrets Uncovered

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  Review by Pixy Boots

I loved book one, or should that be Part 1, of this series and this book/part just followed on as smoothly as ice cream on a hot apple pie. Of course, seeing as its been written by Ms Raven, it ends on a total cliffhanger! Book 3 had better be out soon is all I can say. Raven has set this series in the part of Scotland she knows and loves. It is centred around a castle, a family home destroyed by fire many years before and now restored and opened as a private members club. Or more accurately a BDSM private members club. Add to that the dynamics she has created around the central characters and the "mysterious" goings on by an unknown white van man, or woman, this series has grabbed me by the throat and i am consuming each part in one sitting. Even if i do end up having to prop my eyes open with match sticks to stay awake! Cannot recommend highly enough but for the full experience you do need to read them in order.

  Review by Marie Mattingly-Woods

I receive a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I really liked the concept of the story. I love the idea that you can still have BDSM play (even with altered protocols) while enjoying pregnancy. I really enjoyed their private scenes at the end. I really enjoyed reading this story. I haven't read the first book but am looking forward to finding out they solved the intruder mystery in the future.

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