Sweet Secrets

Constance Munday

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  Review by Victoria Blisse


Sweet Secrets will whet your appetite in more ways than one. If you can read this novel without eating even a tiny slice of delicious cake you've done better than me. Constance's descriptions of decadent cakes and pastries made my mouth water and the men made me drool as much as the tasty cakes! 


Carrie Ann,Sweet Secret's leading lady,  is the kind of girl I want to take care of. She has secrets that weigh her down but she's fighting through them and aiming high. I love how she never stops facing her fears and taking the next step, she's very inspirational. Dom is the classic British Bloke, he tries really hard to be good but sometimes he just can't help being a bit wicked and that's why I loved him. 


A sweet, sexy and romantic read that keeps you wanting more! 

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