For the Sub

Sierra Cartwright

Customer & Industry Reviews of For the Sub

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  Review by Long and Short Reviews

Brandy’s personality is something I loved about this story. She is a character that has a life beyond BDSM. She has a budding business, knows all about tomatoes and has pets. A heroine with a soft heart, Brandy was not only unusual in that sense; she was also experienced in the scene. Unlike other novels in which the woman wants to experiment with BDSM or has submissive tendencies and is just waiting for the right Dom to appear, Brandy was a professional submissive that knew what she wanted and how she wanted it at all times. She was the one in control. She was more than a submissive. She was her own person outside of the bedroom and inside; and even in the sizzling hot sex scenes, I could see that degree of control that every submissive has over his or her Dom. Of course, Niles saw it too, and the bond that grows between them at every passing page goes beyond the sex.

  Review by Blackraven's Reviews

Whenever I think that Sierra Cartwright has out done herself with a previous book, she proves me wrong time and time again. Thank you Ms. Cartwright for being talentedly blessed.


The plot was spontaneous and a little lighter on the BDSM side, but well enjoyed. Ms. Cartwright have you ever personally witnessed the hair scene being done? It is quite fascinating, as the sub uses the hair as a stimulant and from what I’m told quite it’s quite enjoyable. Thanks again for providing some interesting chatter between the girlfriends and I regarding your books and the BDSM world.


Seriously, if you want to dive into the BDSM genre then you need to start with Sierra Cartwright’s Mastered series. The Doms are very delectable, the subs are downright charming and anything beyond that is an added bonus.


Reviewed by Lace

  Review by Love Romances & More

I really enjoyed this book. Niles and Brandy make a wonderful couple. They complement each other nicely and support one another very well. It was nice to watch the two find their way to a happy ending... The connection that Niles and Brandy have is really something.


  Review by The Romance Reviews

The BDSM in this story is sweet and light. Ms. Cartwright is always a good read who creates BDSM scenes with steamy sensuality. The BDSM is realistic and gives interested kinky readers a good vicarious read. The plot of this story is sweet and simplistic. The world building is realistic with a contemporary vibe. The characters are really what make this story enjoyable.


Reviewed by Book Addict

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