His Delectable Cook

Cerise DeLand

Customer & Industry Reviews of His Delectable Cook

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What an intriguing story, I didn't figure it out until close to the end. Bess applies to be Lord Taryn Wentworth's cook, but they aren't strangers to each other. She was hoping to be able to reconnect with him and holy double entendre's batman loved that scene when he was interviewing her. She provides a delightful breakfast the next day, not only for him but for his butler and footman, who incidentally get to share some of those delights. That table was used for more than eating, a cooks job is never done until she has seen to their pleasure. Wentworth comes to the rescue her to restore her heritage, when she was badly treated by her greedy relatives. Truly enjoyed their happy ending, I'm a sucker for lines like when she says that the hope of seeing him again kept her alive!

  Review by Jeep Diva

A clever twist on a revenge story, Bess and Wentworth were lovers before she disappeared. Her sexual appetites match his and her responses to his dominant approach and delight in her favors is readily apparent and well presented. De Land mixes the in

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