Ménage a Must

Renee Michaels

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  Review by The Romance Reviews

Oh Miss Molly, what delicious sexcapades you get into trying to keep your boss out of trouble! 

MÉNAGE A MUST is the first book in the Molly's Mayhem series about a randy heiress and her even randier ladies' maid. I read the second book in this series first and enjoyed it, so it was fun to find out how the erotic trouble all started! The book is basically a fun-filled sex fest without any deep or emotional ties, and that is A-OK with me! This is a fabulously moan-worthy book featuring a super decadent MFM ménage and a heroine you'd love to trade places with. 

Molly is lighthearted and frisky, she's got aspirations but is terrifically loyal to her friend and boss Annabelle. Though this is a historical erotic romance, there's nothing long-winded or pretentious despite the realistic verbiage and dialogue. Although I'd love for it to be longer so I could enjoy just a few more encounters, it was the perfect length for a quick afternoon read. Just be sure to lock the door before settling in for this one!

  Review by Long and Short Reviews

The sexual experiences of Molly are definitely at the fore front of this story. She clearly is a woman who is willing to go out and get what she wants. It is easy to see that she is a take charge kind of woman and will take the bull by the horns when necessary. This is a quality I enjoy in women, and Molly is no exception. So if you’re a reader looking for some exciting titillation, look no further. A decent start to a new series!


Reviewed by Peppermint

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