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Sierra Cartwright

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  Review by Blackraven Reviews

With This Collar by Sierra Cartwright is a beautifully written BDSM story that contains the heart and soul of the BDSM world. Ms. Cartwright did not miss a beat in creating Master Marcus and Julia...As far as the plot goes, this is a rock solid read th

  Review by Customer

All in all, I was impressed with this novel. I tend to choose novels based on their cover and the title as well as if I know anything about the author. I've never read anything from this author before. I have to admit of course but I was drawn in by the cover it supremely hot yet subdued. The novel is well-written, there were incredible scenes between the two main characters Julia and Marcus. I wasn't really sure what to expect out of this. I thought it would be possibly a pretty intense BDSM novel but it turned out to be relatively mild in my opinion. It had just the right amount of kink. Favorite Quotes: “How many spanks have you had, Julia?” Damien asked. “Two, Sir.” “What colour are you on?” “Mortification,” she mumbled.

  Review by Coffee Time Romance

With This Collar is a study of the exact meaning of being a submissive. I enjoyed the light foray into the BDSM world. Each character had something to teach or learn from the others, and the lessons were of the most interesting style. The first Mastere

  Review by Night Owl Romance Reviews

This very spicy read gives a beautiful exposition of one woman's journey into an erotic world that she knew very little of...There are very hot scenes that demonstrate some of the techniques that can be applied but this is also a delicious love st

  Review by The Romance Reviews

Ms. Cartwright managed to deliver yet another amazing BDSM story. I enjoyed reading WITH THIS COLLAR immensely. It is well written and perfectly paced. The characters are great—even the side ones that I can't wait to read more about—and the

  Review by Erotica for All

a great read. Fascinating from the very first through to the last page, we follow Julia's kinky adventure with Master Marcus, from the spankings, to the kneeling, to the satisfying ending (which I won't spoil). This is a well-written, extreme

  Review by Whipped Cream Reviews

Well written and insanely hot...One of the things I liked best about this book was the way Cartwright had of explaining the BDSM lifestyle...I'm definitely looking forward to the next installment in this Mastered series and will be rereading With

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